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Self Portrait of Me as Phtograher

After spending eight years as a commercial producer and announcer in radio, I began training in the field of visual arts at the Bay Area Video Coalition, where I found a passion for creating digital film shorts and motion graphic animation. Using photography as a starting point, many of my 2D animated shorts begin with a series of photographs and hand drawn art pieces, utilizing Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere Pro and Pixelmator as tools for the work. I focus on creating beautifully rendered composites in thick, rich colors and blended textures and have had my work featured in several independent films. As an editor and sound designer, I have also consulted and collaborated on numerous short films.


Working as a teaching Artist for five years, with the Ninth Street Independent Film Center’s TILT Program, Streetside Stories, and UC Berkeley’s 21st Century After School Program created a strong foundation for me as a digital story artist and led me to become lead Digital Media Instructor for numerous schools within OUSD. I've collaborated in the production of over 42 student films that have been showcased at Frameline Film Festival, Columbia University, and we even had an entry in the first ever White House Film Festival in 2014! I am currently working as a freelance digital video editor, website designer and content producer.

Beli's Road Tripping

Hope to see you along my journey! 

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